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Jensen Ackles
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chris evans
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You think I’m not a g o d d e s s ? 


elenastan #she sees the light in him; not ~goodness~ or anything like that#but genuine humanity; grief; love - twisted though it may be#it’s not a part of his irredeemable monster act but she sees it anyway and that’s how she gets through to him#and he’ll join her in the darkness#when she sits on a basement floor waiting for her murderous blood-fiend bf to dry out#he’ll wait there with her#doesn’t try to convince her to get some sleep or move on or eat a hot meal and feel better#just sits down with her in silence and stays#AND THEY’RE BOTH SO SURPRISED BY IT#surprised to see someone join them in the part of themselves where they feel most alone#fuck this seriously


I won’t truly be happy till it rains french fries

Isn’t she stunning?

"You brighten up even my darkest day, you turn my frown around. If I get lost inside your love,  I  h o p e  I’ m  n e v e r  f o u n d .”